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Sabres Athletics are promoted as an extension of our high standard of academic excellence at Sanford Collegiate. Our athletic programs have long contributed to the sense of pride and community within our school. At Sanford Collegiate, we recognize the importance of relationships that develop through athletics and the sense of belonging that is associated with representing your peers during competition. Participation in our athletics allows our students further opportunity to develop attributes such as teamwork, respect, responsibility, cooperation, leadership, creativity and social skills. We believe that positive characteristics developed through athletics have a direct correlation with success in the classroom and later in life. 

Sabres Athletics compete in Zone 4 of the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association (MHSAA), with the exception of our hockey teams, which compete in the Winnipeg Women’s High School Hockey League (girls) and the Winnipeg High School Hockey League (boys).

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Sabre Salute

In order to recognize the participation and achievements of all our student-athletes in a given school year, we at Sanford Collegiate began a tradition of inviting all athletes, their families and our coaches to a celebration we have dubbed The Sabres Salute.


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