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Making Choices

Registration for your senior years education requires that you make many decisions. Our coursebook is designed to help you make wise decisions. Take great care in choosing your courses. Try not to make quick or ill-informed decisions that will result in problems in the future. Read the coursebook carefully and pay close attention to the following:

Discuss your choices with your parents, teachers and counsellor. Remember, it is important to choose your program to fit your abilities, interests, study commitment level and aspirations. Plan your school year carefully; it is not advisable to register with the intention of dropping courses or altering course levels.

Next year's Courses

Students are requested to examine the course descriptions before registering for their courses. Some of the courses listed may not be offered if insufficient numbers of students register for them. If this is the case, other subject choices will subsequently be required of the students involved. All courses are listed by course name, course number, and then record number. Please use correct numbers when completing course selection sheet.

NOTE: Please visit the Academics section of our site for more information and to download course booklets.

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