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Sanford Collegiate is a high school (Grades 9 to 12) committed to the pursuit of excellence and to providing a safe and enriched educational community that encourages life-long learning and social responsibility. Our reputation for academic excellence is related to the commitment of teachers and students, the support of the community, and programs that challenge students to maximize their potential growth.

Our School's Creed

Sanford Collegiate strives to create a respectful, open-minded educational environment in which academics, athletics, diversity of opportunities and a sense of community are equally valued. We wish to have our school recognized as a good place to be, a place students want to attend.


Sanford Collegiate is located on Provincial Trunk Highway 3 (PTH 3), 10 minutes southwest of McGillivray Boulevard and the Perimeter Highway. Our school is in the Red River Valley School Division.

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Students from the communities of Fort Whyte, Oak Bluff, Domain, Sanford, Brunkild, Starbuck and Springstein attend our school. In addition, students living in Carman, Sperling, LaSalle and south and west Winnipeg attend Sanford Collegiate through Schools of Choice.

The school’s catchment area borders Winnipeg’s suburban communities of Fort Garry, Charleswood and St. James. It is located just 20 minutes from the University of Manitoba and 15 minutes from Winnipeg Technical College. Our enrollment is approximately 320 students.

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