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School Entrance

The school doors open at 8:30 a.m. and remain open for the duration of the day. Students are not to remain in the school after 3:40 p.m. unless they are involved in an extra-curricular activity or are in the school under the direct supervision of a staff member.

Departure from School Premises

Students must remain at school all day unless they submit a note to the office from their parents/guardians granting permission to leave. Students may submit a Permission to Leave Form which is kept on file, unless revoked in writing, for as long as they attend Sanford Collegiate. Sanford town students going home for lunch do not need to submit a note from parents granting permission to go home for lunch.

Course Registration

Course registration takes place during the Spring term for the following school year. Students select courses under the guidance and supervision of the Administration and Student Services.

Change in course selection, within reason, may take place prior to the start of each semester. The student obtains a Change of Course Form from the office to initiate the timetable change. Further course changes will only be allowed in the two week period following the beginning of each semester, without extenuating circumstances, subject to availability of courses.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that he/she has registered for the required number of courses to maintain eligibility for graduation and should consult with Student Services.

The deadline date for voluntary withdrawal for grade 10-12 students is one week after Parent-Teacher interviews. A student who does not withdraw at this time will have the course show up on their transcript. Grade 9 students are not eligible for voluntary withdrawal.

Students will be issued a copy of their timetable for both semesters at the beginning of the school year. Any additional timetable copies required will be subject to a 25 cent fee at the school office.

Enrollment in Technology Programs

Students who enrol in a technology program are required to take their required academic courses at Sanford Collegiate. Eligibility to remain in a technology program will be monitored by school personnel on a regular basis.

Discountinuing School or Transferring to Another School

A student considering withdrawing from a course or discontinuing school is encouraged to discuss the situation with the course teacher, counsellor, principal and parent. Students wishing to withdraw or transfer must proceed through the school office.

Fire Alarm

Upon hearing the fire alarm at any time, all students and staff must vacate the building promptly and orderly. Use the nearest exit available unless specifically directed to do otherwise.



In case there is a situation where someone brings a weapon to school and/or there is a threat to the safety of our students, the school administration will implement a lockdown of the school. An announcement of “LOCKDOWN! LOCKDOWN! LOCKDOWN!” will be made, at which point teachers are to close and lock their classroom door, and students and staff are to take cover as best as possible in the classrooms. Students and staff not in a lockable classroom at this time (the canteen, for example) should take cover and wait for an “ALL CLEAR” announcement to be made. Practice Lockdown drills will occur each semester.

Unscheduled Class Time

When on “spares,” students are not to congregate, wander, or socialize in the hallways. This leads to disruption of regularly scheduled classes and poses problems in case there is a lockdown situation. Instead, there are three possible locations where students may go when they have a “spare”:

Library Procedures

Gymnasium Procedures

Re-Reading Final Examinations

Any student who fails a final exam in any school course is eligible to request a re-read of the exam. Such a request must be received by the school office within 5 days of the school issuing the Report Card at the end of the first semester, and within 5 days of the beginning of the new school year for a second semester exam. A $10.00 payment must accompany such a request, and is refundable should the final grade change. Whenever possible, a teacher who has recent experience teaching that particular course material, other than the examining teacher, will re-read the exam. The principal will decide who will re-read the exam, and that decision will be final.


Each student is assigned an individual locker and is to use only that assigned locker. Students will pay and maintain a $10.00 caution fee, refundable when the lock is returned. Students are to use a school-issued lock on their locker. Students are not to enter another student's locker for any reason. A student's locker is school property. Students are responsible for their desks and lockers, including the contents. Lockers are subject to search by school administration or teachers should there be reasonable suspicion that a student is in possession of or consuming alcohol or illegal drugs on school premises or in possession of a dangerous weapon. A warning is not required to search school property, including lockers and desks.

Students are encouraged not to have money in the locker rooms, but leave it in their locked locker.


Textbooks will be distributed to students at the beginning of the term/semester. A textbook caution fee will be collected upon admission to Sanford Collegiate. This fee is refundable upon exiting Sanford Collegiate, should there be no damage or loss to textbooks and library books. Care is to be taken of all books and charges will be assessed for lost or damaged books.

Winter Storm

The decision to cancel school in the morning or cancel buses running at the end of the day is entirely the School Division’s. Announcements of school cancellation due to weather or road conditions will be posted on the Division’s web site ( and broadcast on radio stations C.F.A.M., C.J.O.B., and C.B.C. prior to 7:00 a.m. If school is cancelled, all extra-curricular events scheduled for the day will also be cancelled, unless otherwise determined by the school principal. If, during the day, a storm occurs which, in the School Division’s estimation, prevents buses from taking students home, students will be looked after as indicated on the Bus Cancellation/Student Accommodation Form on file at the school. Classes will continue as scheduled to the end of the school day.

Student Vehicles at School

The school division has established a policy which prohibits the use of unlicensed vehicles, such as snowmobiles, quads, dirt bikes, etc., for transportation to school and on school grounds. Parking at the school is a privilege, not a right. In order to use the parking lot, students must pay a yearly $20.00 fee, and display on their dashboard a school-issued parking pass.

The school administration reserves the right to prohibit a student’s vehicle from entering school property should the student driver violate safe driving procedures in and around the school or bus loading zones, or not follow the rules set out in this policy. Students must park their vehicles in the designated student area, in an orderly and appropriate manner (for example, do not park behind another vehicle, preventing that vehicle from backing up). No student is to park in the staff lot, along the side of the school where the gym/shop doors are unless they receive specific permission, or in the bus loading zone.

Student vehicles are off limits during the school day. Vehicles are not to be used as a lounge, hang-out, lunch room or smoking area. Cars are to be parked and left until the student driver intends to leave the parking lot. The driver is responsible for the vehicle at all times - if the vehicle is used inappropriately, the registered driver will be held accountable. Therefore, lock the vehicle and don’t allow others access to it.

All stalls are assigned to students - there are no vacant spots. Therefore, any student parking in this area without the administration’s permission will be subject to a 2 day suspension for the first offense; subsequent offenses will be dealt with in a more severe manner.